Avant-garde style in the interior

Avant-garde style in the interiorAvant-garde style — a combination of incongruous, colors and shapes shockingly attractive.
This style is considered to be completely opposed to classical. Non-standard and originality will like decisive and impulsive people who love freedom in everything and ready for bold experiments.

Making the interior in the style of Vanguard have to adhere to the principle of non-standard solutions. A special role is played by the choice of unexpected colors. For example, one or more walls in the room can be a bold reddish or yellowish shades, other walls, floor and ceiling on the contrast of pure white, on the floor of a bright round or square rug, dark furniture of regular geometric shape, unusual lamps … You can combine, combine any paint . The main thing — to see the interior integrity and not to the loop on the details. Vanguard does not approve of fine decor and finishes. Colors desirable to use a pure, free of impurities — white, red, yellow, green, black, blue, lilac.
The latest finishing materials are particularly well suited for interior finishing: metallic wallpaper, flexible ceramics, new paint formulations, glass, suspended ceilings, etc.
Vanguard Furniture style is usually a kind of experiment. Appropriate, for example, a bed suspended from the ceiling, chair, which fades into the coffee tables and other original designs. But the shape of the furniture should be strictly geometric, with clear contours. There may be a very bold combination of textures and colors in a set of tissues.
A good furniture in the vanguard style can be viewed for hours, finding ever new and noteworthy items inspired on creativity.

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